Sylvia's Junk Food Junkets


Sylvia Lucas
When the Sunday Times reported that Northern Cape's new premier had spent R53 000 on junk food in her first ten weeks in office, cartoonists did what they are supposed to do: highlight the obvious discrepancies between her gluttony and the starving masses in her province.Detail of ZAPIRO's cartoon

Cartoonists objected to Premier Sylvia Lucas' apparent disregard for budgetary restraint, health concerns and accountability, and yes, many of them observed a relationship between her ample girth and her eating habits. These protests caught the attention of the ruling party, which promptly responded by defending her and accusing the cartoonists of being insensitive and displaying poor taste!

Would this halt the cartoons? Fat chance! Already more cartoons have been created since the spokesperson kept the story in the news by calling the cartoonists out of order, with more expected to be added over the next few days.

As GroundUp cartoonist Roberto noted; "...when the ANC spokesperson objected to the cartoons, he inadvertently extended an open invitation to all South African cartoonists to further illustrate caricatures of the premier".

"Aluta cartoonia!", declares Robbie.



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