Myke Ashley Cooper by Mynderd Vosloo
It was with great sadness that the South African cartooning community learned of the passing of fellow cartoonist Myke Ashley-Cooper on Tuesday.

Myke filled a niche with what he called his 'lewd cartoons', but will be most remembered for bringing South African cartoonists across every genre together for the first time in a digital space, with his website

The site, and Myke's encouragement provided inspiration for the establishment of (which focuses on editorial cartoons).

Myke did a rare socio-political cartoon for Africartoons when Brett Murray's painting 'The Spear' converged social commentary with the sexual themes that Myke was more familiar with. But his observation ( demonstrates an interest in matters political, if only to wonder which of our presidents has been the biggest dick!

A memorial service will be held next Friday, 1 November, at 11:00am at Oude Raapkraal, Westlake Avenue, Lakeside.
Africartoons will publish a full tribute to Myke afterwards.

[see a sample of Myke's book 'LOO(D) CARTOONS, and order a copr here:

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