MANDELA CARTOONS: 20 Years of Freedom

Mandela Cartoons: 20 Years of freedomTwenty years ago when Nelson Mandela walked free, the world's cartoonists waited with bated breath and pens poised wondering what he would look like.

It had been 27 years since their reference photographs were taken, and his image had been banned by the apartheid government since. They also wondered what line his politics would take.

In celebrating the anniversary of Madiba's release, Africartoons - in association with the Nelson Mandela Foundation - takes a look at the evolution of cartoonists' depictions of Mandela and how they all warmed to him.

This virtual exhibition shows 24 cartoons by 16 top South African cartoonists: Andy, Brandan, Chip, Dov Fedler, Dr Jack, F Esterhuyse, Fred Mouton, Grogan, Jerm, John Curtis, Mangena, Nanda Soobben, Stent, Stidy, Yalo and Zapiro.

Visit the exhibition at and feel free to leave any comments below.

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