Zuma Defaced


Brett Murray's 'The Spear'
Brett Murray's controversial portrait of President Zuma With Unsheathed Genitalia has given rise to dozens of editorial cartoons since it was first exposed by City Press. Since then, the President, his family, his party and his government have conspired to place the story firmly on the front page by threatening legal action to have the painting removed and destroyed.

As the matter went to court, two men entered the gallery and did the complainants' bidding by defacing - and dismembering! - the offending artwork with paint. Meanwhile, debate rages across the country and in all the media about South Africa's jealously held Freedom of Expression vs one's Right to Dignity (even if you are a philandering womaniser). There are many other wide ranging issues at stake and  we eagerly await the outcome of the postponed court proceedings to see whether the courts can, and will uphold our right to satirise - regardless of how distasteful, disrespectful or misguided that satire might seem to some. 


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