WTF is the Second Transition?

Graphic by BRANDAN
As the ANC Policy Conference wraps up after so much of it's time was spent debating the Second Transition, most political commentators are still left asking; "WTF is it?".
Cartoonists offer some suggestions on
"It's the Second Coming of Jacob Zuma!" suggests Rico.
"More like the Second Helping", contests Brandan. Yalo says it's just an illusion. Siwela likens it to a failed transaction.
Jerm digs deep to find some meaning in a series of cartoons, while Stidy contends that it's another quack remedy.
Fred Mouton acknowledges the difficulty in straddling political and socio-economic priorities, and later suggests it's another plan to bridge the divide.
Zapiro says it's nothing but naked strategy and tactics. Niël van Vuuren offers some comfort as the plan crashes.
"Fire Zuma's speech writer!" demand the Madam & Eve creators.
The conference rejected the term 'Second Transition' on grounds that they too didn't know what it meant, while not necessarily rejecting it as a potential policy in the future, should one of our cartoonists crack it's meaning.
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Transition Meme

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