Africartoons at the African News Innovation Challenge

TechCamp, Zanzibar, Oct 4-8

African News Innovation Challenge, Tech Camp

I’ve been in Zanzibar the past few days, attending a “TechCamp” at the invitation of the African News Innovation Challenge in which is amongst the forty finalists.

And it's been amazing. Mixing it up with journalists  and techies, many of whom share an interest in political cartoons, has brought me much encouragement and inspired many ideas for taking africartoons to the next level.

Should africartoons’ proposal make it through the selection process which follows this camp, we will be awarded a significant amount of seed money to implement the changes we envisage to make africartoons a truly world class service to the cartoonists, and the greater audience that we deliver their cartoons to.

We intend making this sustainable (for the cartoonists and ourselves) by amping up our efforts to find new publishing markets for the cartoons, offer (for those cartoonists who’d like us to) prints and originals for sale, and provide readers of the cartoons on our website and social media outlets an even better experience.  

But I’d be very interested in any ideas you may have for our improvement, sustainability or any other opportunities open to us.

African News Innovation Challenge, Tech Camp

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