Remembering Weyni

CARTOONIST FRANS ESTERHUYSE recalled fond memories of his old friend and colleague Weyni Deysel this week after learning of his tragic passing over the weekend. Frans had known Weyni for some twenty five years, and explained that the cartoonist who was remembered this week as one who "loved to make people laugh" had battled with depression.

Esterhuyse and Africartoons have initiated a tribute to Weyni by fellow cartoonists by inviting them to incorporate the late cartoonist's signature worm into one (or more) of their cartoons this month. At the end of the month all participating cartoons will be featured on this site and forwarded to Weyni's paper and family.

Below is a photo shared by Esterhuyse of a gathering of mostly Afrikaans cartoonists (including himself and Weyni) taken in 1980. Their names appear below - how many of them do you remember?A gathering of Afrikaans cartoonists

From left to right: Orin Scot (since retired to the Cape), Lou Henning (passed away in 2008), Frans Esterhuyse (moved to the Cape), Weyni Deysel (deceased), Lenn Lindeque (passed away in 1984), Rufus Papenfus (moved to the Cape), Dave Gasgill (returned to Scotland)

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