M&G's Top 10 ZAPIRO's

How many showerheads can you find?

THE MAIL & GUARDIAN has published its annual list of the ten most popular ZAPIRO cartoons of 2012

It's not an authoritative account of his best cartoons of the year by any measure; the fact that 70% are concentrated within a two month per iod suggests it is more indicative of online reader habits than anything else. Even Zapiro remarks that he finds some of the inclusions surprising.

But it's a good collection nonetheless, made all the more interesting by Zapiro's comments (in the Sidelines column next to each cartoon).

  INTERESTING STATS from these 10 cartoons:

- 80% feature President Zuma (at a time when he was suing the cartoonist for defamation).

- HALF OF THOSE feature penises, phallic symbols or nudity!

- ONLY 20% OF THE 2012 CARTOONS feature 2011's Most Popular Cartoon Subject; Julius Malema.

- WE COUNTED THIRTEEN SHOWERHEADS (plus an allusion to one) in the ten cartoons. Can you find them all?
[Go HERE to see the ten cartoons]


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