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YALO'S CARTOON has an interesting story attached to it...

When news broke of a student being arrested, manhandled, interrogated, jailed and searched for allegedly showing the finger to the Presidential Blue Light Brigade it was in the wake of the state of the nation speech, budget speech, Zuma's latest sex scandal, Malema's tendertrepreneur story and other items which quickly relegated it off the front page.

This cartoon's idea had been passed between Jerm, Zapiro and Dr Jack; all of whom played some part in its development before the latter sketched it up, but it was bumped off his drawing board by Eskom's announcement of a 25% rate hike.

The sketch was then passed on to Mangena (who's editors liked the idea but wanted him to concentrate his weekly spot on the electricity story), and so he forwarded it to Yalo; who added his magic to the idea and credited John Curtis (for the original idea) and Dr Jack (for his brilliant layout).

But in fact there were at least six cartoonists that played some part in this cartoon's development - surely a record? - and it evolved to include a hint of the unfolding Malema story and unemployment to keep it current!

[mouse over image to see Dr Jack's pencil sketch]

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