This page explains how you can regulate notifications of cartoons to suit your interests. And we've made it easy for everyone to subscribe to our cartoons; from mild enthusiasts to wild fanatics... and anyone in between.

RSS FEEDS allow you to subscribe to all, or any number of individual cartoonists' work, or - if you prefer - all cartoons about a particular theme. They're delivered neatly straight to your computer 'Hot Off The Press' (so to speak). Here's how to subscribe:

FOR ALL CARTOONS & NEWS: Simply visit our homepage at, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on 'MAN RSS' and follow the prompts to select your reader. FOR THE LATEST CARTOON UPLOADS only, select the 'LATEST CARTOONS' feed and for NEWS select the 'LATEST NEWS' feed.
FOR A SPECIFIC CARTOONIST OR THEME use the site's navigation to reach the page featuring thumbnails of their cartoons, and then find the focussed RSS feed at the bottom of that page.

NOTE: You should have the option to have your feeds show in your email inbox (see below)
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VISIT & 'LIKE' OUR FACEBOOK PAGE at to receive the Best of the Day's posts in your facebook news feed.
You can then use your settings (beneath the 'LIKED' button) to regulate how much you'd like africartoons' posts to feature in your news feed.

FOLLOW @AFRICARTOONS ON TWITTER and receive notifications of all our facebook posts (where you can view the cartoons).

MAKE AFRICARTOONS.COM YOUR HOME PAGE... it's easy, just select your preferred browser:

INTERNET EXPLORER: Click Tools on the menu bar. Select Internet Options, then General tab. In Address box, type or paste and click Apply.
GOOGLE CHROME: Click Tools icon on top right corner. Select Options, then Basics tab. In Home page section, tick Open this page radiobutton and in the box, type or paste and click Close.
FIREFOX: Click Tools on menu bar. Select Options, then Main tab. In Home Page box, type or paste and click Ok.

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